Before finding The Fit Park, my biggest struggle and frustration was consistency. I went through this endless cycle over and over again: Unhappiness with my overall health, seek out exercise program, follow program for a month or two, lose weight, feel better, be happy, think I’m invincible, start eating worse “because I can,” start working out less, and eventually cutting it out completely until the weight comes back and I was back to being unhappy. By unhappy, I mean that I always felt tired, I was not confident, and I didn’t feel good about my overall appearance. I would nap frequently, binge eat, and repeat. HOWEVER, I came across Mark and The Fit Park when I was getting ready for my wedding. Within the first 6 months at Fit Park, I lost 19 pounds and several inches. I have never felt better or more confident in my own skin. And within that time, it became much more than just losing weight for a wedding. My wedding has since passed, I have been there for just over a year now, and I can say with 100% certainty this is the only place/gym/program that has kept me consistent and reliable, and most importantly wanting to come back to each class. It has helped me change my lifestyle, not just cycle through my unhealthy habits and looking for a short-term fix. I know the old me would have lost weight for the wedding and would have quit after the wedding passed without the support and encouragement this place provides. My favorite part about this place, aside from the killer workouts, is the amazing community. I have never felt more comfortable or motivated at a gym, and this is the part that keeps me wanting to come back (aside from the amazing results). The small classes help tailor the workout to you and perfect every move. Now I don’t dread my workouts, I get excited about them. From HIIT training, to Yoga and Pilates, I feel happy and confident and strong in every class, and more importantly I feel this way outside of class. The results I’ve seen here I’ve gotten nowhere else! I love my Fit Park family and couldn’t be more grateful.



Whenever I would watch TV and see ads for a supplement or a new workout program or product that would make you lose weight, QUICK! I always thought, “no way that could be real.” “Those are two totally different people.” “Fake results!” But I was still curious because I wanted those results!! For most of my life I was thin, then I became an adult and my metabolism didn’t work as well I guess and I also was not living a healthy lifestyle and well… I gained 45 lbs. I wasn’t used to looking like that and I was VERY unhappy. I let that affect my life in a negative way. I realized I had to do something about it so I joined a gym, paid a monthly membership that I hardly ever used because I was not confident enough to walk in there looking the way I did, and I developed an anxiety toward the gym. My unhappiness and anxiety was like that until the day my friend convinced me to join The Fit Park. Mark, Thea and their trainers make you feel so comfortable and give you the support you need to work toward and achieve those goals!! When I look at my before and after photos I see two totally different people. The person on the left WAS unhappy and needed motivation so she could feel like herself again. The person on the right lost over 30 lbs and IS extremely happy, living her best life and beyond grateful for The Fit Park family!! The results are REAL!



The top row of photos are from October 2016. At this point in time I was probably at one of the heaviest weights I have ever been. I was having a difficult time finding the right gym that worked for me. I tried doing P90x and Insanity but I didn’t have the self discipline to work out while my partner lounged on the couch.  Next I tried Planet Fitness, which worked better but there was no one to hold me accountable. After a year at Planet Fitness, I tried The Fit Park. I still remember my first workout with Mark and I knew this was the gym I had been looking for. I love Mark’s mentality when it comes to workouts. Mark has found a way to make his workouts challenging, inclusive, and fun! I know my Fit Park family will hold me accountable to show up to weekly workouts. Since starting at The Fit Park I’ve lost 20 pounds, over 2 inches, and starting to see more definition in my arms and legs. I am excited to continue to work towards my goals. I know Mark and the rest of The Fit Park family will be there to help me achieve it!