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The Fit Park story began when the interest in fitness was peeked while working as a massage therapist and transitioned over into more active involvement with health and wellness. Gym owners, Mark and Thea Parker, share a very intimate and unique story on how The Fit Park came to life.

Mark Parker has been in the health and wellness field since 2010. You see, Mark himself had stumbled upon a moment in life, where he had reached a weight of 230 pounds. Once he acknowledged and accepted his responsibility in living an unhealthy life, he went into action to do and be better to himself. He put in some committed work to himself and successfully reached a fit weight of 195 pounds. This was the moment when Mark realized he was a walking testimony and made a decision to help others achieve the same.

In doing so, Mark was introduced to a potential Personal Training client, who had just fled a volatile relationship with death. She was searching for a way to find her way back to loving herself and Mark had been recommended to help her achieve her desired fitness goals. Introductions were made and communication was established, so that training could begin. However, upon hearing her inspirational story of strength and seeing her inner beauty, behind the bruised, swollen, and stitched up face, Mark knew he wanted to marry this woman. Thea was simply meant to be more than a client.

Within their time of courting, Mark's employer had experienced a major establishment set back, resulting in an immediate and abrupt facility closing. Disappointed and discouraged, Mark was uncertain about his plan, until Thea convinced him to continue on his path of fitness. Mark gained employment once again and put in a number of years toward honing his craft in Personal Training, as well as venturing out into coaching various fitness boot camps.

After marrying Thea, his "Dream Girl”, Mark's fitness passion and efforts were pleasantly recognized by interested investors. These investors believed in him and believed in his vision, which helped in The Fit Park finally become a living dream in 2017.

The Fit Park’s philosophy is just as eclectic as their clientele. There is just no cookie cutter approach to helping people with their personal, emotional, physical or spiritual needs and goals. The Fit Park captures the personal aspect, in order to give precise attention in all areas, ranging from Personal Training to various small group fitness classes.

This family owned business has a passion for helping. When you combine that with the passion for fitness, this dynamic Parker duo, aim to inspire their community with tackling any health and wellness concerns.