the fit park team

Trainers and Instructors


Mark Parker

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Alexandra Murawski

I am a graduate of Oakland University and hope to become a Sports & Performance Psychologist in the near future, while focusing on living out and promoting a healthy lifestyle. I have been dancing for over 20 years and loves working out! Barre is an amazing combination of the core values of ballet, along with the incorporation of strength and fitness. I hope that others will find the joy in it, as I do! Besides my time spent being active, I also love fashion, photography and my pug named Lou.


Katie Richey

Hi, I'm Katie! I started my fitness journey 7 years ago while working with a personal trainer of my own. I eventually fell in love with exercise and I became inspired to start my own career. As a trainer, my goal is to change your life but to have fun doing it. If I can make you smile and deliver a great workout then my job is done. I hope to inspire you to love fitness as much as I do, and if you don't, I hope to at least make you laugh while kicking your butt!


Tyler Donaldson

A graduate of The University of Findlay with a BS in Strength & Conditioning, Tyler joins the Fit Park family as a trainer who has experience working with a wide variety of populations through many different fitness domains. As a former collegiate athlete, Tyler is well versed in strength and endurance programming.

"I enjoy working with a wide variety of clients. I also look forward to helping you accomplish your personal fitness goals! I'm here to help you build both a Fit body and a Fit mind here at The Fit Park! Let's get started!"



Sanchez here! I've always been active with sports and extra curricular activities and I have developed a love for fitness! I would love to help you find your momentum to gain a healthier lifestyle. As a personal trainer, my main goals are to guide you in achieving your goals and even exceed them, all while having some fun getting kicking your tail. I genuinely care for all my clients and encourage laughter with an absolutely great workout. My aspiration is that you develop a thriving thirst to incorporate fitness into you life, and realize that yes, it can indeed be a load of fun. Take that chance on yourself and come pay me a visit! Hope to see you soon!