Our Team


Mark Parker

Owner/Fitness Coach of The Fit Park

With over 10 years in the Health and Wellness industry as a Personal Trainer, I've helped hundreds of people reach their goals. Fitness is my passion and purpose and I love helping people become a stronger, faster, leaner and healthier versions of themselves. I offer top notch personalized training and support, along with fitness coaching at all levels. With no workout ever being the same, I work hard at creating fun, detailed and safe workouts for my clients as a Group Instructor and Personal Trainer.

Fitpark Thea-2.jpg

Thea “Boss Lady” Parker

Owner/Operational Manager of The Fit Park

As the "heart and soul" of the gym, Thea is the initial point of contact for ALL consultations and new class participants She gives prompt and professional customer service, with a kind willingness to help where ever she can. Thea has a love for dance and cardio kickboxing, so you can also expect to see her in a class right next to you!

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Angela Sanders

Barre/Pilates Instructor

Angela is a certified Mat Pilates and Barre instructor through Balanced Body. She worked under the direction of a brilliant MS, OTR, and IMT at Inspired Wellness in Bloomfield Township. Through this experience she has worked with her team in helping people with prehab, rehab, and sustainability of fitness.

Angela currently also teaches Pilates at The Institution For Dance Arts (IDA) of Ferndale. She tailors her classes to the needs of her students and loves working with all ages and levels of experience and physicality.


Shelly Stempfle

Yoga Instructor

Shelly was initially introduced to yoga 4 years ago after a good friend dragged her to a hot vinyasa class. Although she struggled to make it through the class, she immediately fell in love with the physical and mental challenge that yoga offers, and has since been practicing daily. She has gone on to grow her experience and completed her 200-RYT at Beaumont School of Yoga Therapy. She has benefited from the increased physical strength and flexibility yoga provides, but also the calm centering affects that have carried off the mat into her daily life.

As a triathlete and a runner, she has incorporated yoga into her training programs, to remain injury free and improve her overall performance. She has a background in Sports Medicine and has worked in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for the last several years and hopes, through teaching yoga, she can help others to experience the same benefits she has, both on and off the mat.